Ordinary Lives | Reviews

Jazz Journal (Gary Booth)  *****

  • Irwin and the guys achieve the perfect balance, making eery, Twilit music that lingers long in the mind.  An understated little gem.

Christian Science Monitor

  • Alto saxophonist and composer Aaron Irwin shines in his latest CD, Ordinary Lives. For anyone who treasures the elegant line of the solo sax, this album is a lovely treat. It showcases original tunes that work with the simple elegance of well-done ensemble acoustic music.

Time Out New York

  • Aaron Irwin, a postbop altoist whose compositions successfully embody a sophisticated-pop sensibility, gigs in support of his engaging latest, Ordinary Lives.

New York Times (Chinen)

  • The poised young alto saxophonist Aaron Irwin has a new album, “Ordinary Lives,” that showcases his affinity for the melodic sweep of indie-rock, among other things. 

Steve Futterman

  • Just when you think you know what direction Aaron Irwin is going to aim for, he throws you a brilliant curve ball. Melodic and expressive above all, Ordinary Lives delivers the kind of musical jolt we can all use these days.