Aaron Irwin

After (2024)

After is a new album where poems play with sounds ))) available May 16th, 2024



  1. Recuerdo (after Edna St. Vincent Millay)
  2. Frederick Douglass (after Robert Hayden)
  3. Five Bells (after Kenneth Slessor)
  4. The Hill (after Joshua Mehigan)
  5. Pikes Peak (after Sarah Holland-Batt)
  6. When I Heard at the Close of the Day (after Walt Whitman)
  7. The Cemetery (after Steve Scafidi)
  8. Daniel Boone (after Stephen Vincent Benét)
  9. The President Visits the Storm (after Shane McCrae)

    Total: 47:29 *All Music Composed by Aaron Irwin



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